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Investing is about finding the right opportunity and the right price. Many of our clients are investors looking for very specific properties. We create custom searches for our investors. Depending on the investor, our team gets extra information or pictures on a house in order the investor to make a decision. Let our team of professionals help guide you in finding that diamond in the rough. It starts with providing us your contact information. We will the work with you to customize the most efficient search to capture new opportunities.

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We partner with many investors across the Fox Valley area. When it comes to investment property, no one knows the market better. We coordinate deals with HUD, REO(s, agents, wholesalers, private sales and more. Fox Valley Homes is also the preferred partner with the Fox Valley Investors Group, found on Talk to us about financing, real estate law, fix and flips, finding deals and locating the resources you need to get more deals done today.


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Fox Valley homes works with REO(s, short sales, distressed and foreclosed properties along with regular sale and rentals. Owners who are thinking about listing may chose to do a Private Listing, which is for broker eyes only. Others may want a fast cash out on an estate sale. Our investors network with us to find better leads faster. You can too.

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Fox Valley homes offer a unique feature for our preferred investor clients. The next time a deal hits the MLS, get your bid in fast with our streamlined system. We maintain an exclusive reserve file for your investor preferences, including the required proof of funds paperwork and pre-formatted contracts. All you do is e-sign, put in the offer amount, and hit submit for same day submission (if not same hour).

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