1. Start with a Free Neighborhood Report

Know your numbers before you begin

All homes need a Free Neighborhood Market Report! Trusting an instant “quote” from Zillow is like burying your gold under your house and forgetting to take it with you when you move. Don’t leave thousands of dollars locked up in your home. Get a full report that takes into account schools, upgrades like a new kitchen remodel or how your home is the only one on the block that isn’t a foreclosure. If you think your numbers seem off, call me for a free Market Report and get a bird’s eye view of the current market in your neighborhood.

Better still is the Comparative Market Analysis. A CMA is a Comparable Market Analysis is a deeper dive report that pulls fresh data direct from the source, the Multiple Listing Service. It shows not only the last six months’ worth of sold homes, but it can zoom into your street, and your subdivision, to help you compare your home to your neighbors. This is as close to a full appraisal that a licensed broker can perform as a licensed agent.

Get started on a free market report below!

2. Strategically set your price

Hit the target right the first time

What is the best price for your home? No broker can tell you exactly what your home will sell for. They can offer you a price range however, that should maximize your profit. If it is priced too high, the home won’t get any showings and no one will see it. Price it too low and low ball offers will flood your inbox. Proper balance is pricing it based on comparable recent sales in the area, along with new home improvements, overall condition, and your time frame. Home prices can shift every 90 days, so even in the middle of a listing agreement, adjustments should be made. That’s why brokers use price changes to check the market, entice more showings, and create demand.

3. Create the Marketing Plan

Simply put, marketing matters. How to sell homes for more.

All brokers have access to the MLS. A licensed Realtor also has a high standard of ethics, a fiduciary responsibility to their client, that includes a responsibility to put the clients’ needs as a priority. A realtor with certification and extensive experience should also handle and implement a sophisticated marketing strategy for your home. Fox Valley homes also includes top ranked service under the certification of Short Sales, Foreclosure and Distressed Homes, 10 years of real estate experience and a continually updating platform of interactive social media outlets. Properties are not found just on the MLS. A marketing strategy includes photos and much more today, including video tours, virtual walkthroughs and staging, aerial footage, along with professional marketing materials, advertising, promotion and open houses. We(ll sit down with you to outline a full marketing promotional plan for your individual needs.

4. Launch the Campaign

Let us help you on your journey

Once we’ve set up your preferences, timeline and goals, we can kick off the full marketing campaign. Using a variety of strategies, we make sure to generate buzz, bring buyers in, enhance your open houses, and help you get your home ready for display. Let us guide you to top dollar and avoid long delays and unqualified buyers. We close more deals, faster because we can market to the best buyers, 24/7 across social media and Internet platforms including seamless integration with Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Realtor.com, Zillow/Trulia.com, Home.com and thousands more..

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